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Draft Construction, Environment and Traffic Management Plan for comment

Colac Otway Shire, together with Coffeys have developed a Construction, Environment and Traffic Management Plan to guide construction during the rebuild phase of renewal at Wye River and Separation Creek. Residents and property owners have until 24 April to comment. Coffeys will host drop-in sessions at Wye River and Melbourne. Keep an eye on the bushfire recovery email and WyeSep connect for times and venues.

Specifically, we will be seeking feedback around permitted hours of operation for power tools and loud machinery. Should they reflect the EPA guidelines which are generally permitted use between 7am and 8pm Monday to Friday and between 9am and 8pm on weekends and public holidays? Should they be more liberal to allow quicker rebuilding or should they be more restrictive?

We’re also seeking feedback on how best to delineate parking restrictions – either area wide or individually signed and if we opt for signed, how we might sign it to avoid the sign-on-pole approach, which we know is unpopular

Finally, our intention is to set a 20km/h speed limit in the construction area and we are seeking feedback on that.

Once finalised the Plan will be adopted by Council and will be a condition of any planning permit.

So if you can send your comments back to the bushfire recovery email, bushfire.recovery@colacotway.vic.gov.au, that will help us finalise a document that will work for most people.

There will also be a letter going out to all ratepayers in the two townships this week encouraging them to have their say on this plan because it will affect everyone.

The Construction, Environment and Traffic Management Plan can be viewed here and the Council Local Law to which it refers can be viewed here.

2 thoughts on “Draft Construction, Environment and Traffic Management Plan for comment

  1. Apparently I need to login to something in order to view the Plan. I tried but apparently I am not on the relevant Register. Please put me on so that I can put a password on , aswell. ( I fail to see why this is all necessary – surely the plan should be open to all.)

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