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Grocon Update 12 December

Grocon has completed 55 retaining walls so far, with the remaining 5 walls underway (one has been removed due to a small extension of another wall).

They are hoping to have the majority of the works completed by 23 December, apart from two sites that require extensive work. They have also started undertaking repair and reinstatement works on roads across the townships.

Over the Christmas period, Grocon staff will be off-site, with no work occurring between 23 December and 9 January.

Abseilers at work

You may have noticed the abseilers working on the slope opposite 18 Durimbil Avenue. Further geotechnical investigation has revealed this landslide has extended, however there is no immediate risk to the community or the road and it is being closely monitored.

Workers will be installing the soil mesh and nail treatment by abseiling down the slope. The plan is to seed over the mesh to cover the treatment.

The goal is to have the majority of the work on this site completed by Christmas, with some work possibly continuing in early January.
soil-mesh-abseliers     grocon-wall-completed

abseilers   15402995_10210281756740847_570753215_n   15435880_10210281758260885_73610421_n 

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