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Nous Evaluation Community Forum

The Nous Group (Nous) facilitated a community forum on Saturday 8 April at the Wye River SLSC as part of their independent evaluation of the Wye River Separation Creek fire recovery.

The forum provided an opportunity for community members to test the key lessons and insights identified through the evaluation. Nous presented their preliminary findings and facilitated a discussion, which revolved around ways of improving community engagement (e.g. more two-way communications), how to strengthen the community centred governance model (e.g. integrate the CRC more effectively into recovery planning and decision-making), and ways to more quickly respond to early recovery needs (e.g. having processes in place to contact residents sooner).

A copy of the forum presentation is available here.

Further feedback on the preliminary findings is encouraged and can been provided to Nous over the next week by emailing Tara Zamin, Project Manager at tara.zamin@nousgroup.com.au. Nous kindly requests that all feedback be received by Monday, 17 April 2017 in order to be integrated into the report.

There is a community survey as part of this evaluation, open to all community members here – http://survey.nousgroup.com.au/s3/Evaluation-of-the-Wye-River-Fire-Recovery

The survey has been open for four weeks and will close tomorrow, Wednesday, 12 April at 11:59pm. All community members are encouraged to participate in the survey if they have not already. The survey data will supplement the interviews for broader understanding of community perspectives and experiences.

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