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Soil mesh retaining walls

Across Wye River and Separation Creek you will start to see soil and mesh retaining barriers being installed.

The mesh will be varying colours, and although may not be aesthetically pleasing right now, the plan is to seed over the mesh to cover the treatment. In time these walls will be a growing wall garden, with no visible mesh treatment.


Soil mesh being installed


Examples of installation and seeding outcomes


One thought on “Soil mesh retaining walls

  1. So does this mean the Shire will be maintaining these mesh walls? What about the blackberries and weeds that are already growing through? Who is responsible to mantain the fuel reduction? What if a property owner falls and hurts/iimpales themselves on the protruding rods?
    Sorry, I don;t meant to sound like a whinger/trouble maker but these I believe are valid points that need and should be addressed.

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