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VicRoads April update

Community visit Paddy’s Path hill

Members of the Community Resilience Committee’s flora, fauna and beachscape group joined VicRoads staff on the Paddy’s Path hillside last week to inspect vegetation, the landslide zone and to plan for a mid-year replanting project.

Local flora expert Trevor Blake, ecologist Mark Stockdale, the community and VicRoads environmental officer John Tunn are compiling a plant list to reinstate vegetation following the soil nailing project.

vicroads paddys path tour april 2017

Community members inspect vegetation on the Paddy’s Path hillside

Making progress

We’re happy to report that, work on the upper retaining wall at Paddy’s Path in Wye River, is well underway and is expected to be completed by the end of April.

To minimise our environmental impact and operate as efficiently as possible, we’re now using a crane to lift equipment and materials onto the hillside site.

The 75-metre retaining wall on the Great Ocean Road is scheduled for completion this week and the final Gabian rock baskets are now being installed on the facade.

Great Ocean Road will be open for Easter

We understand how important it is to have the Great Ocean Road open during the busy Easter period.

Where we are working at Wye River, we will remove our roadside barriers mid-week (April 12) and reopen both lanes.

Paddy’s hill works after Easter

Once the Paddy’s Path upper retaining wall is finished, we will begin preparation for the extensive soil nailing of the hill.

The first stage of these works will involve removing vegetation in the landslide zone only.  We expect soil nailing to begin in late April, and be completed in June. Once the soil nailing is complete, we will lay erosion control matting and steel mesh to complete the process of locking down the hillside.

Kennett River and Separation Creek works

Stabilisation works will begin after Easter on a number of other small landslips between Wye River and Kennett River.

A long-reach excavator will smooth 10 rough slip areas, and then install biodegradable matting as an erosion control.

Traffic management will be in place as this work progresses. This work is expected to be completed by late May.

A 300m length of kerb and channel is being installed 500m east of Separation Creek. These works will be completed by the end of April, with traffic management in place.

Road watch

As winter approaches, we’re doubling our monitoring and inspections along the Great Ocean Road.

Experienced personnel are now monitoring hillsides and road edges for any change. We will undertake more highly specialist geotechnical investigations and monitoring following any significant rainfall.

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