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Wye River public land projects in full swing

Following the extensive planning phase undertaken with the community, works are set to begin on a number of public land projects in Wye River, with a view for completion before the busy summer period.

The Playground Renewal Project starts with the careful removal of the existing pieces, which will be assessed for reuse as landscape features wherever possible. The new play pieces are set to arrive in a few weeks from an Australian-based company specialising in sustainably sourced Australian hardwood.

Community members are invited to leave a lasting impression in the new playground by submitting a small item that can be used to create an imprint in the cemented access path.

Those that are interested should put their items in an envelope marked with their name (if they would like the item returned) and place the envelope in the cardboard box located inside the Wye River General Store before Sunday 4 December.

The River Walk Project  will begin with the construction of the bank stabilisation work on 7 November, followed by the installation of bollards and native trees to define the public walking zone.

The replacement of the water extraction pump and pipes from the back of the BIG4 Wye River Holiday Park to the CFA water tanks is also set to begin mid-November.

As always, public safety is a high priority during construction and access to some areas will be restricted during this time.


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